What a great club!


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Hi, my name is Jeff, 2E0CIT, and the home QTH is London, UK, where I operate a Yaesu FT-450D for HF through a homebrew multiband dipole fed with 27 metres of 300 ohm twin.
I've been fascinated by the many posts here on the ARPOC forum and am very glad I joined.:eek:
Clearly there's a very rich resource of expertise here, a friendly spirit of co-operation,and an infectious enthusiasm which has inspired me to get my under-exercised butt out of the armchair and into the field!
Since experiencing the wonder of QSO-ing with a QRP, 3 watt operator located in a field somewhere in mid west USA I have come to appreciate the aesthetic of using simple kit and clever technique to make QSOs rather than relying on towers and kilowatts!
73 and GL


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Hi Jeff and welcome to the club.

It's been a bit quiet here over winter (looks like we don't like the cold!) but activity should pick up soon as we all come out of hibernation!


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Welcome Jeff.
I think portable work is great fun and even if you are using a black box it is more in the spirit of the old days.


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Well said! 8^)

Welcome to the group and I hope we can QSO at some point.

Texas, USA