Wow am I having a bad stretch


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Been trying wires etc of late and I have found a seam of very bad karma!!!

A friend gave me a 9:1 balun the other day in order to try his magic 66ft end fed. Hmmm, will it work? Will it heck. After several duff trips out and now a hefty session in the garden I can only assume that his balun is rubbish. Having made many good baluns myself in the past I understand how they can be made duff, yet at the same time I cannot! Don't people test things before sending them out anymore?

Anyway, ever onwards!



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I'm going to assume it is a 9:1 unun since you mention feeding an endfed. Personally I don't like them, but then I'm also a firm believer in putting the ATU at the feed point so the coax from there to the rig has low SWR and with a choke there is no RF on the outside either.
I "love" my SGC-237 and SGC-239 :)


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I run a doublet at home with good results. 100' long few with 4" spaced home brewed ladder line.

At the base, the ladder line goes into a 1:1 BalUn , then to an SGC auto coupler, out of the coupler (via coax) into a toroid choke then 30' of RG213 back to the shack. I've also run it with just a 1:1 BalUn at the base of the ladder line with coax to the shack and into an LDG ATU with no problems.